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PEX Superstore is an e-commerce retailer for the PEX industry. We supply PEX tubing, PEX manifolds, PEX fittings, and PEX accessories for the pluing industry High Strength Poly Allow Fittings are perfect for any domestic water appliions.

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NIBCO® PEX-c red tube in various sizes and lengths is the ideal choice for a wide range of residential and commercial pluing appliions. PEX-c tube is a safe, economical and energy-efficient piping alternative for water distribution, radiant floor heating, municipal water supply, geothermal climate control, snow melt and drip irrigation.

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Poly-B is a gray plastic pipe used as a water supply line in your home. This type of pipe was installed extensively in the early-1970s until the early-1990s. It was thought to be a great material at the time, and much cheaper than copper. However, around about

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These differences also allow for different connection types in the pipe. Any brand of PEX-a Pipe (i.e. ComfortPro, Rehau or Wirsbo) can use a “cold expansion fitting” which is generally considered the most reliable fitting type, these are ASTM F1960 and F2080.

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PEX tubing samples containing water are heated to 140° F (60° C) for domestic hot water systems or 180° F (82° C) for commercial hot systems. Products are conditioned by exposure to the formulated waters (with the addition of 2 mg/L available chlorine for PE products) for 14 days, with water being changed on 10 of those days.

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My first exposure to Poly-b was in the bush of Alaska in 1985. We also used high density PE pipe but I was only aware of this product in diameters of 2″ and larger at that time. Wirsbo PEX came along shortly after and seemed to be a superior product to Poly

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2018/03/17· Polybutylene pipe is the faulty building material that won''t go away even after lurking in the misty past all these years — it still bursts through soggy drywall. And there''s a new class-action lawsuit. But first: Mary wrote in

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Read: Copper vs PEX Piping Why Switch from Poly B to PEX A Piping We will discuss some exceptional qualities of the PEX A pipe, that makes it the perfect pipe for the replacement of Poly B piping. Exceptional Flexibility; The PEX A pipe is seen to be the

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2014/12/23· I was thinking that. My pex inserts are all brass and I use a crimp ring on Pex. Can I use the same brass fittings in a poly pipe with the same pex crimp rings or do I need to get a special brass poly fitting with a worm gear clamp?

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JM Eagle’s HDPE pipe for water and sewer is manufactured for excellent performance and a long life expectancy. Its butt-fused joints eliminate potential leak points, common at 10 to 20 feet with ductile iron pipe, for a zero leak rate. Highly resistant to corrosion and weather, recent studies conclude it …

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As a result of the thicker wall of PEX A pipe, it will generally have a lower SDR and hence a lower flow rate. PEX B has a superior flow rate in comparison to PE-X A Yes PEX A is more flexible than PEX B but both types of PEX have the same minimum bending

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Recognizing Poly-b Pipe Polybutylene pipe, or Poly-b as it’s often called, is a grey plastic pipe that was manufactured from the late ‘70s until the late ‘90s and used heavily in residential pluing systems during that time. Its

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Re: connect old quest to pex??? Kudos to you for recognizing that you shouldn''t use any push-on fittings on Poly-B unless you have a pipe insert that is properly sized for it. I have never heard of a similar insert fitting ever being made

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PEX-AL-PEX PEX-AL-PEX is a three-layer PEX Tubing that also has an oxygen barrier. PEX-AL-PEX is a layer of PEX, a layer of aluminum, and another layer of PEX. The main benefit of PEX-AL-PEX is that it holds its shape. Where traditional PEX is flexible, there is nothing that keeps it in place unless you tie it down every few feet.

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28/9/2011· PEX is becoming so much the standard now that I see its cheaper than poly. I can''t be the first person to think of this, there has to be a reason besides "we use poly or PVC because that''s what we''ve always used and that''s the way it is".

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PEX Pluing Pipes vs Copper Pluing Pipes Many of our customers often ask about the various types of pluing pipes that are available to them when looking to repipe, therefore I wanted to take some time and try to explain the

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Both crimp rings are made out of copper. The legislation is that copper crimp rings used for Poly-B do not require any color or markings in particular. On the other side, copper crimp rings used for PEX pipe have to be black or have a black logo or mark on the crimp

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A: There are three commonly used methods of producing PEX pipe, and each results in a different material. PEX-a, which uses the Engel method, has the highest degree of consistent crosslinking over the other two methods (PEX-b and PEX-c), and produces a pipe that is more flexible, more durable, and has a thermal and elastic memory.


Find the Right Fitting for the Job. With a full range of materials and appliions, NIBCO has the right fittings to get the job done. Find fittings for industrial, commercial, mechanical, fire protection, and residential flow-control systems.

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Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipe can be used for both hot and cold water appliions. Polyethylene (PE) pipes are ONLY for cold water appliions. PE is generally black and is sold in rolls of 25''-300''. Its primary appliion is for wells, it generally is the pipe

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Polybutylene plastic pipe or Poly-B for short, was installed in homes built between 1978 and 1995. It was used for hot and cold supply piping in homes. Poly-B pluing and heating systems include polybutylene plastic pipe connected with acetal plastic insert fittings. Polybutylene plastic pipe is usually gray and occasionally black.

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Our large inventory of PEX fittings includes crimp style PEX fittings, push to connect (push fit) fittings and compression fittings for PEX and PEX-AL-PEX pipes in lead-free brass and poly alloy construction.

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HDPE Pipe, Polyethylene (PE Pipe) are sorted by strength classified according to the intensity of the earlier technological developments. HDPE Pipe pressure classes that can be made between Pn4-Pn32 and the production of the desired diameter and size of HDPE pressure pipe system has undergone many tests in 1950, particularly in the carriage of

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Polyhose: Offers world wide selection of industrial and flexible hoses, hydraulic hoses, hose tube asselies, hydraulic hose fittings and crimpers

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PEX piping connects to plastic or metal fittings at hubs in the system with crimps instead of glue or welding. When it comes to PEX piping vs flexible PVC, which is the better option? Flexible PVC is exactly what it sounds like.

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HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipes, HDPE corrugated pipes and HDPE fittings; HDPE pipes and HDPE fittings are high density polyethylene produced from raw material municipal, industrial, Maritime issues, mining, storage, channel, and agricultural practices such as the large solution in the range are used.

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